Ceiling, floor, wall and table lamps are the many choices Ultraluce offers in its collection: object designed to
illuminate and at the same time to decorate our houses.
Ultraluce’s versatility permits to his lamp to be suitable also for public places, entering the world of contract and bringing light to offices, banks, restaurants, hotels and to all working or entertainment places. Ultraluce wants to explore and rethink daily spaces in a vanguard and functional way, to give them the same attention and quality, we would have given to our very personal spaces.

Energy saving
Ultraluce embraces the cause of energy conservation, investing his resources in new technologies which aim to a careful and conscientious consumption. Since years in front-line to defend environment, Ultraluce developed ecological production systems, reducing wastes and injurious substances emissions. Ultraluce applies this philosophy above all to the bulbs, he chooses for his lamps: led and low consumption bulbs, which permit saving up to 80% of energy and with a life 10 times longer than the conventional ones.
Recently this kind of bulbs have been improved and their quality can almost reach the sunlight spectrum.